My comprehensive plan to end corruption in Washington

Today, I’m introducing the most ambitious anti-corruption legislation proposed in Congress since Watergate.

This is an aggressive set of reforms that would fundamentally change the way Washington does business. These reforms have one simple aim: to take power in Washington away from the wealthy, the powerful, and the well-connected who have corrupted our government and put power back in the hands of the American people.

So here’s the First Big Change — Padlock the revolving door between big business and government.

Ban elected and appointed officials from becoming lobbyists after they leave office. Not for one year. Not for two years. For the rest of their lives. Sorry, Billy. No more Congressman Pharma.

Here’s my Second Big Change: Stop self-dealing by public officials.

If a person works for the government, then that work should serve the public. No making policy decisions to help yourself instead of taxpayers.

Third Big Change — End lobbying as we know it.

The term “lobbying” has been around for nearly two hundred years. And our Constitution protects “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” But as recently as the 1970s there was no real corporate lobbying industry. There were lobbyists here and there, but there were not enough to fill a school bus.

And that’s my Fourth Big Change — End corporate capture of rulemaking.

Start by empowering beleaguered agencies to stand up to well-heeled corporate giants that don’t want to follow any rules.

Fifth Big Change — Restore faith that ordinary people can get a fair shake in our courts.

For starters, strengthen the code of conduct for all federal judges — no stock trading, no payments from corporations for attending events, no honoraria for giving speeches, no lavish getaways and fancy hunting trips funded by billionaires.




United States Senator, Massachusetts

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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

United States Senator, Massachusetts

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